Leah Milana Bauer, originally from New Orleans, now lives  in Los Angeles. Having an intense appetite for travel and exposure, Leah started her career studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, which led to careers in both Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

Born with an innate understanding of the industry, Leah has had the fortune of a prosperous, though laborious, journey as a designer and storeowner – she’s owned two stores in Los Angeles and New Orleans. Leah’s knowledge about trends, style and seasons has produced continual work in marketing and styling. Leah draws inspiration from travel and indigenous cultures, vintage stores, and always, her 11 year-old daughter, Grace Rose.

The Leah Milana Collection  Signature silk tees & silk sweats – small inventory – orders can be custom made contact: leah@leahmilana.com One of a kind multi-color silks are only available at private events.

Fashion and style were the driving forces behind Leah’s incarnation as a designer. Fifteen years ago, this evolved into something more philanthropic. The idea of “giving back” became extremely prominent as Leah co-founded an inner-city youth program. Three years after that, her daughter was born with Cystic Fibrosis, and six years after that, the two girls found themselves displaced after Hurricane Katrina. “Moving forward by giving back” became Leah’s mantra and mission via fashion.

She recently introduced the line Rosie G, designed by her daughter, Grace Rose – with proceeds giving back to the CF Foundation.                      You can visit: http://www.RosieGstyle.com


me & GR LM


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